Hulu Original Series: Behind the Mask

Famous JoJo had an incredible time at the LA premiere screening of Hulu’s newest original series, “Behind the Mask.”

Told from four mascot’s perspectives: high school (Lebanon High School’s Rooty the Cedar Tree), college (UNLV’s Hey Reb!), minor league (hockey mascot Tux the Penguin), and professional (NBA’s Bango of the Milwaukee Bucks), “Behind the Mask” takes a deep look into the secretive world of mascoting. The 10-episode series is directed by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Josh Greenbaum whose most-recent documentary, “The Short Game,” with executive producers Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel won the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival Audience Award.

From the very first episode, the show captivates viewers’ attention. We absolutely loved the series! It’s a definite must-see!

Behind the Mask – Trailer

Hulu Presents The LA Premiere Of "Behind the Mask"
LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 24: Jon ‘Jersey’ Goldman as UNLV’s Hey Reb, Michael Hostetter as Lebanon High School’s Rooty the Cedar Tree, director Josh Greenbaum, Head of Development Charolette Koh, Kevin Vanderkolk as NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks’ Bango and Chad Spencer as AHL hockey’s Tux the Penguin at Hulu Presents The LA Premiere Of ‘Behind the Mask’ at the Vista Theatre on October 24, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Hulu)

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LA Kings: Playoff Campsite

As many of you are aware, the LA Kings have made the playoffs! Striving for a repeat of last year’s Stanley Cup victory, the Kings’ mascot and biggest fan, Bailey, camped out at LA Live last week for 5 days straight.  Daily, fans joined Bailey in the fun, while playing games and winning tons of prizes! This sounded like such a cool event, so we decided to check it out!

The campsite at LA Live was built by Travel Alberta, who decked out the plaza to look like the Canadian Rockies. Bailey’s Playoff Campsite came complete with an 18-foot trailer, sofa, TV, putting green, picnic table, fire pit, bubble hockey game and the Kings Ice Rider vehicle. It was quite a site to see!


Robbie Keane


Robbie Keane hanging out with Bailey at Bailey’s Playoff Campsite

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#ExploreAlberta at LA LIVE

Two words: Mechanical Bull.

Two more words: Free Stuff.


If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, March 9, you might want to stop by downtown LA.

The nice people from Travel Alberta (and they’re Canadian, so you know they’re nice) are putting on a free, all-ages party at LA Live’s Nokia Plaza from noon to 7pm. You can sample all the best parts of Alberta, Canada represented by FREE stuff like: a rock climbing wall (the Canadian Rockies), an artificial lake with a canoe, fly fishing, hiking trails, a mechanical bull and a golf simulator. Or you can just chill and work on your Canadian accent while checking out dance and music performances by Alberta-based musicians, drummers, dancers, and street performers.

Best of all, you can win a trip to the real Alberta by showing up and sharing your photos on Instagram and/or Twitter with #ExploreAlberta.

You have to tweet me pix (@AlyssaKent12) if you ride the bull!


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FALL OUT BOY: “Light Em Up”!

Check the new Fall Out Boy track “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”!!!

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BTR + TSwift + Fireworks!

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T.I. Talks With JoJo

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H*WOOD Makes Dreams Realities

H*Wood first broke onto the music scene when he was 22-years-old with his hit song, “Could It Be You,” in 2010. Ever since, he has been gaining momentum and was even invited to perform at this year’s Pre X Games Launch Party.

H*Wood was so excited to perform at the event and said that he felt blessed that his fans embraced his track, “W.O.R.K.,” which was also embraced by the X Games market. The invitation to perform came at the perfect time, as it allows H*Wood to experience the X Games for the first time, and it happens to be in his native Colorado. H*Wood mentioned that he’s going to be on the lookout for Shaun White … and that he could tell the snowboarders a part from everyone else, due to their goggle tans.

2013 is looking bright for H*Wood, as he’s already in the midst of promoting his debut album, First Light, which dropped on November 1, 2012. Definitely check out the mixtape version of the album, “Mile High Mix,” which was mixed by DJ Bedz. Not only is DJ Bedz the official DJ of the Denver Nuggets and radio host at 95.7 ‘The Party,’ but also, he’s H*Wood’s longtime friend that H*Wood has known since he was 17-years-old. H*Wood said of DJ Bedz, “He has been involved every step of the way. He’s my biggest supporter.”

While working hard to make great music and testing different sounds, H*Wood has found his niche within the industry, making fusion records, and he hopes to be known as a ‘fusion great.’ Within his music, you can hear him fuse rap with elements of EDM, Dubstep, live music and more.

Helping him evolve his sound are incredible artists he has collaborated with, including: Red Lion, Adrian X (Drake’s lead guitarist) and Eddie Fisher (OneRepublic). OneRepublic is based in H*Wood’s home state of Colorado and he and Fisher met last summer, when they wrote the first song for H*Wood’s album, First Light. With both artists residing in Colorado, the unfathomable shooting in Aurora personally affected both artists. In fact, First Light is an ode to H*Wood’s hometown of Aurora. H*Wood said, “‘Aurora’ means morning, the first light of day. I want my music to be the light. I hope to inspire, move and motivate people.”

Along with great musical success, he is also striving to better other aspects of his life. The biggest change for him has been quitting smoking cold turkey, after having smoked for the past 10 years. Upon quitting, even with a new pack of cigarettes in his hand, he never felt the desire to go back. One of the biggest differences that he could physically feel after quitting was that he was able to sing while sitting down. Since there isn’t as much smoke going into his lungs, his airflow has improved and he also has a lot more energy. H*Wood hopes to inspire others to quit their bad habits by documenting his journey.

How has H*Wood been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time? He believes that life is all about dream chasing and hard work. “It’s important to write out your major goals and make process every day. Always push forward. Never expect life to hand you anything.” Some life mottos that help him seize each and every day are: (1)  Be the change that you want to see in the world, (2) Remember that life is about simplicity and (3) Look 10-15 years down the line and be that person now.

H*Wood has definitely been following his dreams and realizes that life is a journey. He said, “[...] rapping chose me, I didn’t choose it.” From dreams of being an Air Force pilot, to wanting to become a history teacher, he continued chasing his dreams while attending Mason State, where music was a side project while working for the school’s radio station. He founded the station’s first hip-hop show, which is still on-air today, and showcased his brother’s music. With a new found passion in music, he yearned to learn more about the industry by working as a manager, DJ, club promoter, song writer and, finally, a rapper.

H*Wood’s dreams are becoming realities and more and more doors are opening for him. He hopes to have a 5-8 song EP out by the end of the summer and shortly afterwards, in September, he’s going on a college tour.

Connect with H*Wood:

Official Website





Instagram: @OfficialHwood

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Ellie Goulding: HYPER!

Apparently this is what Ellie Goulding does late at night! She posted these on Instagram late Thurs night…



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